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Presenting Thursday Nights at the Stookeasy!


Given COVID-19 and the current requirement of “Shelter-in-Place” in most of the civilized world, we have launched an every two-three weeks Virtual Stookeasy Cocktail Hour and Nightclub!

As we utilize the platform, we have developed a generalized plan for each Stookeasy as follows: (subject to evolution…)

  • Guests arrive and are escorted to their tables after a quick introduction from the Master of Ceremonies.

  • Guests meet/greet and catch up with those at their table for a period of 15-20 minutes

  • Everyone is returned to the main room for the entertainment, usually music (played live and pre-recorded) and a cocktail demonstration.

  • After the entertainment, there will be closing remarks from the MC, and guests are escorted back to their tables for party banter for a period of 15- 30 minutes and to say their goodbyes.

No upcoming events at the moment