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Upon entering Stookey’s, patrons feel a hint of the magic of stepping back in time. Club Moderne reflects the period following the end of the SpeakEasy era — during which both men and women could imbibe openly and unabashedly. 


The design inspiration for Stookey’s Club Moderne engages a fascination with the aesthetic of the 1930s and 1940s, referred to as “Streamlined Moderne”. Picking up on many of the design influences of the Art Deco period (late 1920s), Streamline Moderne emphasizes simplicity, form and function.


Our expert bartenders mix cocktails that were served during the time period, as well as classic San Francisco and Pre-Prohibition favorites.  Guest can choose from such classics as an “Aviation”, “20th Century”, Irish Coffee or Pisco Punch, a Sazarac  and Old Fashioned, a Martini or Manhattan. We serve these and many more, often obscure, concoctions of the early 20th century.


The music we play has been uniquely chosen from an extensive private collection of rare and obscure 78rpm recordings. From time to time, we have been known to feature vintage DJ nights with friends spinning the shellac records on a hand-cranked VictrolA.


While the bar design is Streamlined Moderne, there are aspects that are solidly contemporary and reflect a green consciousness:  linoleum flooring, LED lighting, beer and wine taps, waste stream efficiency and composting. 

While we offer a level of sophistication, we are also a local bar that engenders the support of a loyal clientele and is part of a strong localized business community.  In addition, we like to think of ourselves as a community center or “salon” (in the French sense of the word) as we bring lectures, book signings and musical offerings on a regular basis.

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Did you know that Stookey's Club Moderne is available on select dates for private events? Contact Aaron for more information.


We bring the bar to you! Stookey's At Your Service is our catering arm and can come to your special party or event with cocktails and bartenders. For more information, visit

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